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Silver Moon Solid Scent Chip

Silver Moon Solid Scent Chip

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Illuminate your journey with our Silver Moon Air Freshener Chip. A dynamic blend of scents as captivating as a moonlit night. 

With top notes of tangy citrus and alluring orchids, it evokes a feeling of freshness and elegance. 

The middle notes bring an unexpected twist of aromatic tea and playful grape, transforming your car into a haven of tranquillity and sweetness. 

The base notes feature comforting sandalwood and warm musk. It creates a cocoon of calmness that lingers on for a memorable journey.

This air freshener chip is suitable for Fresca "Multi-Action" car air purifier. Simply tear air-tight packaging and place chip into the detachable base of Fresca.

Each chip lasts for 1 month.

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Customer Reviews

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I did not smell anything actually when it was inserted in the purifier

Hello, Thank you for giving us a feedback and for bringing this to our attention.
We have reached out privately to extend further help regarding this issue. By right, our scent chip should give out a strong smell when packet is first opened.

UPDATED: Thank you for your cooperation, we have came to realise that this product is defective. So, we have arranged a replacement for you. We would like to apologize for this inconvenience and we hope this replacement can make up for it.