About Us

Our Story

Officially Fresca was started in 2021. Unofficially, it was started in the early stages of the pandemic.

I was initially looking for a car air purifier to protect my family and myself, but...this search unexpectedly lead me to start a business instead.

Many car air purifiers exist on the market. If I am just looking for a basic one, my search would not be so difficult and the story will end there. 

But finding a good one is hard! Most lack the features I need, some are even dishonest, an empty shell without any filtration benefits.

Some were okay for a moment. However...still not good enough for me.

Fresca V1 - 2019

Fresca V2 - 2020

So the only way forward? To leverage my contacts and work directly with a manufacturer instead, bringing the vision of my car air purifier to life.

I want something that is feature packed. Armed with some of the latest and most effective filtration techniques available at this time. 

I had in my mind the specs that I need for the perfect car air purifier. A purifier that not only does the basics well, but also comes with a few additional features only a driver will recognise and appreciate.

Once the initial designs and specifications of Fresca were in place, it is now ready for production.

To fund this initial production run, I pulled some friends to share this cost with me. Then, word got around and more got interested. More wanted to participate. More wanted to chip in to bring this mini project a reality.

Fresca V3

That's how Fresca got started...in the 2nd quarter of 2021. Most, already recognise the issue with poor air quality in heavy traffic, but now, driven by the urgency of the pandemic, start looking for a car air purifier too.

If you have read this far, I want to thank you for considering our car air purifiers. We hope this is the right one for you too.

Our Values

At Fresca On The Go, we come to work everyday because we want to solve the biggest problems of poor air quality.

We believe better air equals better health.

Using tools, technology and innovation, we create product for cleaner air inside our homes, our cars and our work place.

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