Fresca 3-Years Warranty
Fresca 3-Years Warranty

Fresca 3-Years Warranty


Uninterrupted Clean Air for 3 Years...

  • FREE immediate, replacement of any damaged Fresca.
  • No repairs only replacement. Replacement is completely new, no refurbished set.
  • Priority online customer support. Jump the queue. Get ahead of everyone.

Get 1 + 2 yrs Extra

Your Fresca air purifier already comes with 1 year warranty. Why not elevate that protection to 3 years.

Over the next 3 years, should your Fresca encounter any issues, just reach out to customer support. And, jump to the front of the line with our priority queue.

Plus, get priority claims process and breathe easy knowing that you're always protected.

What Our Warranty Covers

Manufacturing Defects

Discover a fault due to manufacturing? We've got you covered! We'll replace it, no questions asked.

Replace, No Repairs

Fresca found to be faulty? We won't patch it up. Instead, you get a direct replacement for FREE.

Immediate Replacement

Worry about downtime? With our seamless claims process, get quick replacement in just a few days. No hassle.

Always New, Never Refurbished

Concern about 2nd hand set? Rest assured. Every replacement is fresh out of the box. We promise no refurbished units, ever.

Live Video Technical Support

Questions? Hiccups? We're all ears and ready to assist. Just ensure you've booked an appointment for live video help.

Priority Customer Support

Facing long waits? Skip the queue with our priority online support. Receive immediate assistance ahead of everyone else.

What Our Warranty Doesn't Cover

We believe in clear communication, so let's cut to the chase. Here's what's not included in our warranty:

This warranty does not cover issues arising from improper operation, incorrect cleaning or maintenance, accidents, external damages, misuse, unauthorised modifications, everyday wear and tear, or any unforeseen circumstances beyond Fresca's control. Additionally, consumables like filters and scents are excluded from warranty.

We've got your back in many ways, but it's essential to know the boundaries. Your trust means everything to us.

Simple Warranty Registration

Opt for our extended warranty, and we will handle the rest. Everything's auto-logged in our system. No codes, no paperwork no complication, just pure protection.

With Fresca, it’s all about simplicity, efficiency and peace of mind.

The Easiest Claims Process, Ever!

Your Fresca is build to last for years. We hope you never have to make a claim. But if you do, we've made the process as simple as possible. Here's how it works:

Connect with Us

Reach out on Facebook, Instagram, website chat, or email. We're always ready to assist.

Share Your Concern

Tell us what's up. Sometimes, a video can help clarify things.

Live Video Diagnosis (if needed)

If we can't sort things out, we'll invite you for a live video call for a hands-on check.

Immediate Exchange

Find a manufacturing fault during our check? We'll send you a return shipping label immediately and then ship you a replacement once validated. The easiest claims process, ever!

Always New, Guaranteed

Every replacement is brand-new. No repairs, no refurbished units.