How to return your parcel via Singpost POP stations

Returning the parcel is easy! You can watch a video or read the overview below.


Step 1) Get Your Return Barcode Label

Obtain a return barcode label from our Customer Service.


Step 2) Pack Your Item

Securely pack your item in a polymailer and cushion it with bubble wrap to prevent disputes due to shipping damages. You may use the original packing materials and polymailer if they are still in good condition.


Step 3) Locate a SingPost POP Station

Find the nearest SingPost POPStation here.


Step 4) Print Your Label (if you haven't done so)

At the POP Station, choose 'Return My Parcel'.


Then choose 'I don't have a label and need to print' on the next screen.


Enter the barcode number on the label. Follow the on screen instructions to print your return barcode label.


Step 5) Affix the Label

Stick the label firmly onto your parcel.


Step 6) Return Your Parcel

At the POP Station, choose 'Return My Parcel'.


Choose 'Scan bar code on ezyReturn label' on the next screen. Then scan your barcode label.


Follow the on screen instructions. Enter your contact number to receive a PIN via SMS. Then, enter the received PIN on the screen.


Select a locker size that fits your parcel.


Place your parcel in the assigned locker and close the door.


Follow the on screen instructions to confirm you've placed your parcel in the locker and choose to receive an SMS confirmation.

Your parcel will be trackable (here) and should reach us within 3 working days.